The Year of Minimalism | Minimalism

At the beginning of this year, I decided 2016 would be the year of becoming a minimalist. Minimalism is simply intentionally choosing to live with less. It is about FREEDOM from stuff. Less clothing, less jewelry, less food, less junk. Just less. Not that there is anything inherently wrong with owning a lot of stuff; there really isn’t. But why deal with clutter and keeping things you don’t use? Why not simply your life and get back to the basics?

I know minimalism is the “trendy” thing to do right now. Every time I get on Pinterest there is a new article about how to build a capsule wardrobe or 5 steps to take to become a minimalist. Instagram is filled with cute minimally decorated office spaces, neutral colored wardrobes, and people traveling around the world with everything they own in a backpack. It’s appealing and makes for good photography, yes. But that is not why I am interested.

There is just something so freeing about owning only what you need and getting rid of everything else. 

Choosing to live with what you have. Repairing clothes that need mending instead of buying something new from the clearance section at Target. Restraining from shopping until the start of a new season (ie: summer, fall, etc.). Donating all your old knick-knacks and boxes of “well, maybe-I’ll-use-this-one-day” items. Buying beauty products with minimal ingredients.

There are people who take this way too literally, saying you have to own under 100 items to be a true minimalist, or you must use a capsule wardrobe, or you can only own clothing in neutral colors – soft pinks, grays, and browns. Let’s not get extreme about it because then we are missing the point.

The point is to simply get rid of the excess in life and be more conscious about where we put our money.

It’s hard. Really, really hard. I have been working diligently at this since January 2016, and I have donated bags and bags and bags and bags of items to Goodwill. And I still have a ridiculous amount of stuff.

I mean, heck. Look at what happened when I started packing for my trip to Italy. Clearly I have a shoe problem. I wouldn’t consider myself a minimalist just yet. But I’m slowly working towards it.


This is the year of minimalism for me, and I will be sharing updates with you as I walk through this, posting tips and tricks for anyone who might want to go on this journey with me. I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you.



Welcome to the start of a new chapter.

This website was birthed out of the desire for a deeper, more honest type of blog. As much as I love (which has been my main blog, focused on food + health, for the past nearly 6 years), it has an established personality, or rather, a genre. A website focused on food + health + DIY projects doesn’t really have a place for theological ramblings, travel + adventure, or my latest love of minimalism + succulents. A blog that I once poured my heart and soul into now feels a bit out-of-place and the blogging seems forced. So, with that, I am saying goodbye to Passing Daisies and saying hello to is a place to share my raw emotions & deep thoughts without having to worry about if it fits into the pre-existing “brand” of PD. Each post will  be crafted with thought and care. I will write about whatever is on my heart at that moment. It might be joyful and beautiful and full of laughter, or it might be melancholy and contemplative and frustrating. I don’t know. But I can promise that every word and every paragraph will be authentic. And that each post will be practical to your every day life.

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