The Girl // 
My full name is Rachael Elizabeth Harris, but I always wanted to go by Rae, and it never actually stuck in high school (although I tried incredibly hard, trust me). A couple people called me Rae in undergrad, and then it faded away until December 2015 when a group of people at my church picked it back up. Since then, the name has stuck.

Interests // Singing, playing guitar + piano, web + graphic design, young adult ministry, worship ministry, baking, cooking, eating, reading, writing, shopping, dark chocolate, key lime flavored anything, mustard yellow (the color), hanging out with friends, traveling the world.

Jobs // Director of Children + Family Ministries, online M. Div student at Fuller Theological Seminary

The Blog //
This website was birthed out of the desire for a deeper, more honest type of blog.

As much as I love PassingDaisies.net (which was my main blog, focused on food + health, from 2010-2016), it has an established personality, or rather, a genre. A website focused on food + health + DIY projects doesn’t really have a place for theological ramblings, travel + adventure, or my latest love of minimalism + succulents. A blog that I once poured my heart and soul into now feels a bit out-of-place and the blogging seems forced. So, with that, I am saying goodbye to Passing Daisies and saying hello to RaeHarris.net.


RH.net is a place to share my raw emotions & deep thoughts without having to worry about if it fits into the pre-existing “brand” of PD. Each post will  be crafted with thought and care. I will write about whatever is on my heart at that moment. It might be joyful and beautiful and full of laughter, or it might be melancholy and contemplative and frustrating. I don’t know. But I can promise that every word and every paragraph will be authentic. And that each post will be practical to your every day life.

If you ever think of something you’d like to see a post about, please feel free to email me at harriserachael@gmail.com. I can’t promise I will write about it, but I can promise I will at least read and respond to your email, if nothing else.:)

Thanks for visiting…and welcome to this exciting new adventure.